It all started when I was invited to a Tiki-themed potluck and was assigned the job of “baking something.” I decided to make cupcakes.

Why did I choose cupcakes?

Cupcakes are friendly!
Cupcakes are stylish!
Cupcakes are nostalgic!
Finally, cupcakes are portable!

The Tiki Cupcakes were a huge success.

So when my street had a block party I again baked cupcakes. When I was invited to an art opening, cupcakes. A friend’s thirty-ninth birthday, a Halloween party, an Academy Award party, cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes.

I started making them all the time. Experimenting with recipes and decorations just for fun. I see cupcakes as art. I consider all three parts -the cake, the icing and the decorations- all work together to make a good cupcake experience. Over five years I have developed thousands of recipes and decorating combinations. Three hundred are in my book Crazy About Cupcakes. On this web site I’d like to share some of them and more with you. Good eating!

Krystina Castella
Los Angeles, CA